A sweeping view of Harder Hall. A student painting a portrait. 一个学生正在为陶瓷成型做准备, 周围有各种各样的小陶罐. 一名教师正在向学生传授制陶技术. A round piece of wood on spinning cutting equipment being carved with wood shavings flying around. 一群戴着安全装备的人在外面用热金属浇铸. A student working with metal, a student working with glass, 还有一个学生在用弯曲玻璃制作霓虹灯. 压印在纸上的文字特写. A student editing 3D video. A student speaking on a microphone in the immersive studio with walls projecting video. 一个学生在我们的舞蹈工作室跳舞. 艺术在阿尔弗雷德标志绘制与动画效果.

Arts At Alfred


For true artists, there's nothing more empowering than being given the space to thrive. At Alfred, 你会在一个支持的环境中每天不受约束地创作, 鼓励创新和研究的多学科环境. 当我们的学生不探索我们的校园博物馆和画廊, they're illustrating, painting, performing, sculpting, 或者创作出完全原创的、内在美丽的作品.

Get the Scoop

有兴趣在阿尔弗雷德学习艺术,或者不知道从哪里开始? 让我们的艺术顾问做你的向导吧! 过去有经验的学生是你任何问题的完美资源.

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Arts Admissions


For Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Science in Art History and Theory (BS), 申请艺术与设计学院.


Graduate Student Art Portfolio

For students applying to the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program in the School of Art and Design.

prospective student talking with our admission folks at our booth attending a national portfolio days event

Arts Admissions Events

参观我们的虚拟或亲自,让我们带您参观! We also attend a number of National Portfolio Day events and may be coming to a city near you!


Financial Aid

What's the bottom line? 你付得起皇冠体育app的学费!


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想看看和阿尔弗雷德的未来是什么样子? It's simple. 告诉我们一些关于你自己和你的大学目标是什么.

view of alumni hall with two students walking down the path away from the building


特斯拉、海豹突击队、送餐上门和谷歌有什么共同点? Alfred University alumni. Are you next?

Arts Connect

Museums & Galleries

You will learn something new every time you enter Alfred University's world-class museums and galleries.

Thesis Exhibitions

Each year, candidates of the Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) and Master of Fine Art (MFA) degrees showcase their work in a series of culminating exhibitions.

School of Art & Design Foundations

A course for first-year students that's predicated on generating a rigorous studio practice through comprehensive teaching philosophy.

Alfred Summer Arts 2024

Alfred Summer Arts提供为期四周的工作坊, high school institutes and residencies across disciplines in our world class facilities. From ceramics to sound, printmaking to dance, 3-D printing to theatre, 我们欢迎您在这个夏天来探索我们神奇的山谷.

art force five club members in colorful aprons and craft tools posing for the camera

Clubs & Organizations

Alfred University has a wide variety of student-led clubs and organizations for you to choose from. If you don't see what you're looking for on the list, become a leader and start your own!

logo for alfred art walk

Alfred Art Walk

A collaborative monthly venture created by the galleries in the Village of Alfred and on the campuses in an effort to foster dialogue within the local arts communities.


Institute for Electronic Arts

Dedicated to the integration of electronic media within the fine arts disciplines through a focus on art making, research, and education.

National Casting Center

A melting pot of experimental activity comprised of two state-of-the-art facilities specializing in metal and glass casting.


马林·米勒舞蹈驻留项目 connects the Dance Program at Alfred University and the surrounding Alfred community with national and international dance artists.

Digital Lab

Alfred University's Digital Lab consists of digital fabrication equipment that is available to all students, faculty, 以及艺术与设计学院和工程学院的教职员工.

TSI Harland Snodgrass Gallery

时空界面(TSI)哈兰德斯诺格拉斯画廊纪念哈兰德斯诺格拉斯, founder of the Media Program in the School of Art and Design and an original faculty member of the School’s Foundations Program.


The Randall Chair was established in 2007 to honor the legacy of artist and educator Theodore Randall, 被人们铭记为艺术学院的建筑师 & 在阿尔弗雷德设计和作为一个重要的艺术家和组织者在该领域.